Improve Your Sleep & Protect Your Health

Snoring and sleep apnea are two of the most common sleep problems in the US, and they prevent about 90 million people (as well as their partners!) from getting the rest they need night after night. Fortunately for the residents of Tallahassee, a solution to both of these conditions can be found right here in our office. Using a custom-made oral appliance, Dr. Barocio can help a patient stop snoring, overcome sleep apnea, and wake up every single day feeling energized and ready to go.

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Why Choose Tallahassee Dental Specialists for Sleep Apnea Therapy?

  • Sleep Appliances Custom-Made for Every Patient
  • Also Able to Treat Nocturnal Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)/li>
  • Viable Alternative to CPAP Therapy

How Can a Dentist Treat Snoring/Sleep Apnea?

Physically, snoring and sleep apnea often have the same root cause: an obstructed airway. For snoring, the tissues in the mouth and throat relax and collapse into the airway during sleep, partially blocking it. Air rushing past these tissues forces them to vibrate, creating that annoying snoring sound. With sleep apnea, however, the airway becomes fully cut off, forcing the body to partially wake up and interrupt the sleep cycle up to hundreds of times a night.

Dr. Barocio can give a patient dealing with these issues a custom-made appliance to wear to bed that fits over their teeth and slightly shifts their lower jaw forward. The result? The airway stays open and clear throughout the night, allowing for better breathing while preventing any snoring, leading to higher-quality sleep and higher-quality mornings.

To learn more about how the team at Tallahassee Dental Specialists can help you and your loved ones sleep better, contact us today.