Faster Care, Better Results

The technology you’ll find in a dental office is changing just as fast as the technology you’ll find in your phone, enabling dentiststech1 like Dr. Rocío Barocio to do things that would have sounded like science fiction just a few years ago. Now, she can use a pen-sized camera during regular exams, capture X-rays that emit practically no radiation, and even take a CT scan of a patient’s smile! At Tallahassee Dental Specialists, we use the latest instruments to help our patients get what they need in record time.


Intraoral Cameras

Our intraoral camera enables our team to easily see every corner of a patient’s mouth so that we can find any signs of decay or damage as early as possible. In the past, an oral exam was limited to just using a bright light and mirror, but now, we can capture high-resolution, close-up images of the entire oral cavity. These images can even be displayed on a monitor right in the treatment room, which not only makes our team’s job relatively simple, but this also allows a patient to better understand their dental needs and the potential benefits of treatments.

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Digital X-Rays

X-rays allow us to see the parts of your teeth that are hidden below your gum line, which as it turns out, actually accounts for most of their surface area! And, with digital X-rays, we have taken our diagnostic capabilities to the next level. They capture images much faster than film, only take a fraction of the time to develop, and they also emit 90% LESS radiation by comparison. We can even show you your X-rays seconds after taking them so you can know about everything going on with your smile.

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CT / Cone Beam Scanner

Often, when planning a more complicated treatment like dental implant placement, we need more information about a patient’s dental anatomy than what a regular 2D X-ray can show us. In the past, dentists in this situation would have to send their patients to get a CAT scan, but thankfully, we can now capture this type of image right in our office. Our CT scanner is able to create a detailed, 3D X-ray model of a patient’s mouth and head, showing us the shape of the jaws, the thickness of the bone, as well as the location of sensitive nerves and blood vessels. This image allows us to formulate extremely precise treatment plans that are completely tailored to an individual patient.

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