Ask us about sedation dentistry! With nitrous oxide or anti-anxiety medication, we can easily calm your racing mind, protect you from physical discomfort in the chair, and make sure you always enjoy a stress-free appointment. Give us a call today to learn more about your options.

We are an in-network provider for many dental insurance plans, and we also proudly work with several of the nation's leading PPO plans. We take pride in making this the least stressful part of your visits with us, and our team files claims for you no matter if you are in-network or not. It is our goal to ensure you are always informed about your coverage and have full-visibility to any potential out-of-pocket expenses so there are never any surprises. If you have any questions about your insurance plan, please call our office to speak with our friendly team! We're always ready to help.

Yes! With CareCredit, you can search for a plan and sign up for low-to-no interest financing right through our website. They have plans suited for every budget, and it only takes a few minutes to find one that is perfect for you. Visit our New Patients page to learn more!

Prosthodontists are dental specialists. The difference between a general dentist and a prosthodontist is similar to the difference between a general practitioner and a cardiologist in the medical field. Prosthodontics focuses on rebuilding and replacing the teeth in the most functional and lifelike ways possible, and Dr. Barocio had to take three years of training beyond dental school in order to gain this distinction. This means she’s able to provide restorations that are practically indistinguishable from real teeth and is especially adept at helping patients with complicated dental needs.

If you have several missing, broken, or decayed teeth, then you should definitely partner with a prosthodontist like Dr. Barocio. She simply has more experience helping patients with extensive dental damage compared to a regular dentist, so she’s better able to come up with treatment plans that will fully restore someone’s oral health and appearance.

The right choice for you will depend on a lot of individual factors, such as how many teeth you are missing, where they are located, and what you are willing to spend on treatment. In most cases, Dr. Barocio highly recommends dental implants to every patient who is able to get them. Why? In short, they basically offer the next best thing to real teeth and have been shown to last for decades. The only way to find out which option is best for you, however, is to schedule an in-person consultation.

Yes! Whether your mouth is in poor shape because of neglect or trauma, Dr. Barocio is more than capable of helping you recover your healthy and attractive smile. Thanks to her prosthodontic training, she’s able to reverse years of dental damage using custom-made restorations and state-of-the-art technology. No matter what condition your teeth may be in right now, there is always hope with Dr. Barocio.