Make Cavities, Chips, & Cracks Disappear

Even a single damaged tooth can be a tremendous nuisance. Whether it’s a cavity or a cracked/broken tooth, it can make simple actions like eating and speaking feel awkward and uncomfortable, and for many people, these kinds of teeth are a constant source of pain and shame as well. If you have any teeth in need of repair, no matter how many, Dr. Barocio is eager to help. Her prosthodontic expertise enables her to create strong and beautiful restorations that will make it look like your problems never existed. If you’re ready to get your smile back, contact us today to get started.

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Why Choose Tallahassee Dental Specialists for Restorative Dentistry?

  • Only Prosthodontic Specialist within 10 Counties
  • Restorations Custom-Made Using Durable, Lifelike Materials
  • Customer Service Unlike Any Other Dental Office

Dental Crowns & Bridges

restorative 3A dental crown is one of the most useful and versatile restorative options in all of dentistry. With one, Dr. Barocio can fix large cavities, prevent weak teeth from breaking, repair chips and cracks, and even completely restore a missing tooth. Crowns are designed to look and function just like natural teeth, and they’re fitted on top of compromised teeth to revive them. Bonded together, multiple crowns can also form a bridge to replace one to three missing teeth in a row, helping someone recover their full smile.


Tooth-Colored Fillings

Close up of smile with a dental mirror underneath top teeth.

If you have a small cavity, rather than using amalgam to fill your tooth (which will inevitably leave a large gray mark), Dr. Barocio will place a composite resin that is specially shaded to match your enamel. Not only will your tooth be restored, but the filling itself will be virtually invisible to the naked eye. This natural-looking option is also better for your oral health because it requires less healthy enamel to be removed during placement, creating a stronger, more reliable repair.


restorative 4Several missing teeth can make it almost impossible for people to enjoy their favorite foods and speak their minds without difficulty, turning daily life into a constant struggle. With custom-made dentures from Dr. Barocio, she can help people in this situation rebuild their smile, bite, and confidence all at the same time. Partial dentures can seamlessly fill in the gaps for patients who still have remaining teeth, while a full denture can restore an entire row at once while sitting comfortably on the gums.